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Financial Meltdown at the World's Seventh-Largest Climbing Magazine


by Unknown

February 03, 2002

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As seen on the Boulderdash website...

"(An anonymous former employee of the Boulderdash publishing empire is risking it all to bring you this exclusive report)

In a familiar display of avarice the board members and officers of Boulderdash, LLC raided the company coffers while low-level employees, unable to sell their shares or exercise their options, watched in horror as their life savings melted away. Editor Carl Stearns was last seen steaming for the boulderfields of New Zealand on his 210 foot yacht, while credible reports place designer Lynn Willis on his private jet, heading for an unnamed mountain range in central Asia. Were it not for the heroic efforts of an anonymous gear room janitor, who spirited away top-secret subscriber records that were destined for the shredder, the Securities and Exchange Comission would have been forced to donate the company's frozen assets to the KMart Blue Light Foundation.

Due to this unsung hero's actions, former subscribers are getting back their hard-earned jack. Subscribers who have not received any issues are at the front of the line, so to speak. Refunds will be given by Paypal - you need a bank account and an email address to do this. If you don't have a bank or email account, you can be reimbursed by check, but Paypal is preferred for those who do.

Please be patient (you already have been, but bear with us) and if you need to update your email address you can contact us at"

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