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CCR Develops Ranking System


by Hans Florine

January 08, 2002

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Hello ALL!

" The Competitive Climbing Rank (CCR) was created to provide an objective system that ranks climbers throughout North America based on their performances in all types of climbing competitions.

CCR's mission is to promote climbing competition through the development and administration of a comprehensive ranking system, and other competition support services."

Fun new stuff! Climbing competitors now have a CCR #! you can check to see if you've been given one at this web page: ( there's a link to the men's numbers on that page) NO! you're not just a number, but it makes it a ton easier for us to recognize your accomplishments with the number assigned to you.

I have a web page that lists 760 women ranked out with Depth of Field points. That's the longest Women's ranking ever in the history of the US Competition climbing scene. AND I think I'll grow that to over 1300 by the end of January. I'm trying to get year of birth stats on everyone, Please visit the page and help me with info if you can. ( hope to have a men's page up soon)

Do you need a harness? help me out with that last request and I'll give the two biggest helpers harnesses. ( yes, they're new)

SPEED! there will be a speed climbing event this spring in San Francisco at Mission Cliffs. winner(s) will get an invite to the XGames during the summer. stay tuned for details. If you're anxious, contact Chris Bloch. all the best.

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