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IWC Results From Kirov, Russia


by Editor

January 08, 2002

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Ksenia Sdobnikova, of Russia, and Daniel Du Lac, of France, win most recent stage of the Ice World Cup in Kirov, Russia. The following nineteen countries were represented in this stage of the IWC: Australia, Austria, Argentina, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Italy, Canada, Slovenia, USA, France, Switzerland, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Korea, Chile, Russia. However, the Russians claimed over 90% of the top spots. In the women's competition, Austria and Germany managed to eek out the second and third podium spots respectively.

Women's Final Ranking

  1. Ksenia Sdobnikova, Russia
  2. Sandra Wielebnowski, Austria
  3. Kirsten Buchmann, Germany
  4. Stephanie Maureau, France
  5. Liv Sansoz, France
  6. Margarita Kolodkina, Russia
  7. Mi-sun Go, Korea
  8. Mariam Filippova, Russia

Men's Final Rankings

  1. Evgeniy Krivosheitsev, Ukraine
  2. Maxim Vlasov, Russia
  3. Yuriy Oleynikov, Russia
  4. Nikolay Shvedt, Russia
  5. Dmitrii Filippov, Russia
  6. Aleksander Soloviov, Russia
  7. Urs Odermatt, Switzerland
  8. Stanislav Mikhailov, Russia
  9. Ivan Repich, Russia
  10. Anton Yusief, Russia

In the overall IWC standings, Frenchman Daniel Du Lac holds on to first place, and Ksenia Sdobnikova of Russia leads the women. Stay tuned to the rest of the IWC season by visiting Ice Time for more news and pictures of each IWC competition.

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