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Update on Supertowers on Eldorado Mountain


by Editor

July 09, 2001

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Here are some brief updates on the Pinnacle Towers issue:

1) An excellent letter written by Eldorado Springs resident John Hegyes was published today in the Boulder Camera. The letter is the third one down at:

2) Visit the People for Eldorado Mountain website for recent information regarding the Pinnacle rezoning application. Much of the June Official Development Plan has been scanned and posted in PDF format on our site. The new Written Restrictions no longer include monopoles, but instead would allow unlimited building-mounted supports with antennae up to thirty-feet from top of building; maximum building height is now 60 feet instead of 50 feet as it was last March. A maximum of five buildings may be constructed at the site, with a total aggregate floor area of 79,200 square feet. Download a PDF copy of the Pinnacle's Written Restrictions at the PEM website at ;

3) HIGHLY IMPORTANT: JEFFCO HEARINGS APPROACH. The Jeffco Planning Commission may meet as early as the first week in August. I hope people plan to attend the hearing, and prepare to speak if so inclined. It is especially important for people to attend the hearings. We will post the hearing dates on the website when we know more;

4) URGENT LETTERWRITING NEEDED. Please write your letters opposing Pinnacle's plan to Jefferson County. We have a short sample letter on our website along with the other documents. Letters should be written to Susan Wood, Case Manager, Jefferson County Planning and Zoning Department, 100 Jefferson County Parkway, Suite 3550, Golden, CO 80419-3550 ;

5) People can sign up to be on the People for Eldorado Mountain mailing list through the on-line form at

That's all for now. Stay Tuned.


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