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Climber Recoving After Potentially Deadly Fall on Mt. Hood


by Unknown

July 03, 2001

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(KATU NEWS)A hiker from Washington, DC is recovering this morning after falling into a crevasse on Mt. Hood.

Fifty-year-old Nick Clark says he and a friend reached Mt. Hood's summit and were on their way down the mountain when he slipped at the 11,000- foot level.

Clark slid 200 feet down the mountain and fell into a crevasse. Other climbers in the area used a rope to pull him out.

Clackamas County rescuers and the American Medical Response Reach and Treat team took him off the mountain. Clark says it could have been much worse.

"I just got really lucky, when I went down there was a ten foot shelf there," said Clark.

"He was really lucky that he didn't have more momentum, it could have terminated his life," explained Clackamas County Sheriff's Department's Chris Nolte.

Clark suffered a broken ankle and tibia bone in the fall. His advice to other novice climbers is to spend the extra money and hire an experienced guide.

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