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Climb Meru: The Sharksfin Experience


by Editor

June 14, 2001

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With the technology today, it is possible to have "live" film footage of expeditions instantanously streaming over the Internet. Pete Takeda and Dave Sheldon have a different way to share their experience. They chose to film as they went and then edit the video footage to present the reader the whole experience as they saw it from beginning to end. Instead of "live" video, the Climb Meru Sharksfin Experience is brought to the viewer in 7 episodes with seperate release dates (finishing up in the late summer)

So it feels almost like live footage without the poor video transmissions and static audio feeds that "live" expeditions suffer while broadcasting over the Internet.

Risk Online describes the peak and the history behind the route and climbers: "Meru peak is situated in the center of Gangotri glacier in Garhwal Himalayas between the famous Shivling & Talay Sagar, and opposite as well famous group of Bhagirathi Peaks. In fact Meru peak itself doesn't need to be introduced in the alpinist world. It's steep walls have long ago become the testing area for realization of the mountaineering ambitions of the world most famous climbers. And if the main massif summit - the Southern (6,600m) - and the Northern (6,450), are already climbed, the Central summit, called Shark Fin for its original shape, is not going to easily give up its virginity.

In 1993 most experienced climbers Paul Pritchard, Phillip Lloyd, Johnny Dawes & Craine suffered a devastating defeat. Despite all the efforts they failed to find their way up in the upper part of the wall having reached the height of 6,300m."

Peter Tadeka, with his friends have been trying for two years to climb this wall, but unsuccessfully. Having received a grant from manufacturer Gore-tex - 2000 Shipton/Tilman Grant, he will return to Meru peak in Spring 2001. Follow their expedition's progress in the seven episodes of Climb Meru: The Sharksfin Experience at

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