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Blind Climber Summits Everest


by Unknown

May 25, 2001

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You have probably read recent articles about the blind climber Erik Weihenmayer and his journey to summit the highest peaks on all seven continents. If not check out Blind Climber Reaches Highest Point In Antarctica and Blind US Climber Prepares for Final Assault on Everest . Well, Erik did it! He summited on Friday.

KATMANDU, Nepal (AP) Two Americans who reached the peak of Mount Everest on Friday set records, becoming the first blind climber and the oldest man to step onto the roof of the world. (Climbing team website at - email the climbers or read more there, or read the full story at The first blind climber, Erik Weihenmayer, 32, of Golden, Colo., and Shermann Bull, a 64-year-old physician from New Canaan, Conn., reached the summit of the world's tallest mountain at about 10 a.m., said the Nepal ministry of tourism, which oversees climbing in this Himalayan state.

"This is quite an amazing and extraordinary feat for a blind climber to reach the summit," said Ang Karma, a former official of the Nepal Mountaineering Association. "The majority of the people have difficulty even getting to the base camp, let alone the summit."

Weihenmayer reached the peak with Eric Alexander, 31, of Vail, Colo., Luis Benitez, 28, of Boulder, Colo., and Jeff Evans, 31, of Denver.

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