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The Salathe Wall Blistered in 12:36


by Hans Florine

May 17, 2001

Camp4 - Climbing News Archive

Monday , May 14th.

Tommy Caldwell attempted to free the Salathe in a day. He fell on pitch 23. After falling on 23, he lowered to the anchor, pulled the rope, and repointed the pitch.Tommy made it to the headwall pitch in 10 hours with only that one fall at 23. He fell on the first crux of the headwall twice, then from the anchor he sent the whole headwall pitch to within 20 feet of the anchor and flamed, - he hung. Having felt he couldn't recover enough to redpoint the pitch, he let his jugging/belayer Hans, yeah me, lead the next two pitches to the top of the wall. Our finishing time: 12:36. not bad for a free effort.

Editor's Note: Tommy Caldwell has been busy recently. Read about his and Nick Sagar's single-push free ascent of the 33-pitch Muir Wall which they just did last week in the article Muir Wall Finally Freed in Single Push .

Hans Flourine

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