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Dave Graham Kicks Ass In Fontainebleau


by Unknown

April 09, 2001

Camp4 - Climbing News Archive

Once again Dave Graham has ripped through the forest of Fontainebleau, leaving behind a wake of hard sends. The list includes: flashes of Miserycorde 8a(V11) and Petite Folie 7c+(V10), and repeats of Partage 8a+(V12) (over the course of three rainy days), Duel, 8a, Hibernatus, 8a, Neverland 8a, the bloc 8a, Controle technique 7c+, La Chose 7c+, De la terre a la Lune 7c+, Raideur Digest 7c+, Les Beaux Quartiers 7c+, L'arete 7c+, Evidence 7c+, Innacesable Absolu 7c highball, Maudit Menage 7c highball, Megawatt 7c, Pancreas 7c, and Megalithe 7c. Dave also added a new problem, Sideways Daze 8b(V13) a longstanding project at Rempart. Finally, on his last day he sent Mad Maxx 8b and Surplombe 8a+.

Imagine what he could have done if he hadn't had 10 forced rest days due to rainy conditions. Based on his two trips to Fontainebleau, Dave believes that Spectre is 8b+(V14), that Nothin' but Sunshine is hard 8b+(V14+?), Centaur, Automater (both at Rocky Mountain National Park), Black Lung, and Buttermilker are all 8b(V13). Dave is now on his way to Cresciano in Switzerland to have a go at Dreamtime, Fred Nicole's 8c(V15).

News courtesy of New England Bouldering.

Other Font News...

OJ Montchaussé repeated Duel (V11) on 03/04/01 with Franchard Cuisinière.'s own R Kelly a.k.a. Matt Adams has managed to grab the ascent of Fatman, 8b bloc, at Cuvier Rempart, Fontainebleau.

Uli Lindental and Harald Roker sent Surplomb de la Mee 8a+ and Harald also did Fatman 8b on his second attempt.

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