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Klem Loskot Cleans House in Western US


by Unknown

March 12, 2001

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Klem Loskot made quick work of many problems in the Western US. In a single day at Little Cottonwood, Utah he flashed Bully V11/12, Copperhead V10, Shingles V10, Mr. Mom V10 and in 3 attempts sent Garth Millers' Chong V12, and All Thumbs V10. However, he could not get Cheech (which is a bit harder than Chong and unrepeated). A day earlier in Ibex he flashed The Atomic Bomb V10 and did Red Monster direct exit V10 in a couple of goes. On a cold day at Joe's Valley Klem flashed Resident Evil V11, Freak V10 and did Phoney Baloney V10 in a couple of goes. Klem also added a new problem at Ibex, The Future Is For The Animals, and Phantom Fighter and Good Times, Bad Times in the Moab area.

Thanks to Smackmag for the news.

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