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Australia Wins Oceania Sportclimbing Cup at Basecamp Wanaka


by Celia Williams

October 09, 2006

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Australian sportclimbers today took home the Oceania Cup after a successful weekend competing against their trans-Tasman counterparts at the Oceania Sportclimbing Championships and the NZ National Sportclimbing Championships.

Some 43 Australian competitors displayed strong performances against 80 New Zealand climbers during the lead climbing and speed climbing disciplines held at BaseCamp Wanaka. Many Australians won the New Zealand National categories, but because they were not New Zealand residents, they were unable to take the winning title.

The Oceania Cup is decided on a points-based system, and Australian climbers earned the most points in each category.

Australian team coach Stephen Mitchell said he was thrilled to take home the Cup: “I’m really, really proud of the athletes and what they have achieved. The support and the camaraderie between the two countries has been fantastic. It’s also great to see some very promising young climbers emerging in New Zealand.”

Hundreds of people have come to BaseCamp during the weekend to watch the competitors climb the challenging and technical indoor climbing wall, and were amazed by the strength of some athletes who were able to traverse the over-hanging ceiling.

Today’s events included the youth finals, the masters’ finals, and the speed climbing finals.

New Zealand Sportclimbing Federation president James Maguire said he couldn’t be happier with how the three-day competition has gone.

“The standard of competitors has been awesome. We’ve seen some brilliant climbing, and Australia has been pushed hard by the Kiwis. Everyone has been impressed with the outstanding new wall and facilities at BaseCamp Wanaka.

“This event will help the development of future competitions in years to come. We look forward to Australia hosting the Oceania Championships in 2007.”

New Zealand National lead climbing results:
NZ Masters:
1.Martyn Owen
2.Glenda Rowlands
3.Greg Johnston

NZ Junior male (under 20):
1.Ivan Luketina

NZ Youth A male (under 18):
1.Zachary Orme
2.Matthew O’Connell
3.Conrad Murray

NZ Youth A female:
1.Jessica Gray
2.Amy Holland
3.Clare McLean

NZ Youth B male (under 16):
1.Daniel Fisher
2.Zac Keegan
3.Connor Macpherson

NZ Youth B female:
1.Georgia Orme
2.Ellie Stevens
3.Claire Gibson

NZ Youth C male (under 14):
1.Damon McNeil
2.George Bell

NZ Youth C female:
1.Sarah Gilmour
2.Sarah Davis
3.Sarah Atkin

NZ Youth D male (under 12):
1.Josh Evans
2.Adam Steens
3.Brian Bell

NZ Youth D female:
1.Tayla Atkin
2.Alexandra Rae Jones
3.Nia O’Connor

Oceania Speed climbing results:

Open male:
1.David Walden (NZ)
2.Mike Garben (AUS)
3.Rob Moore (NZ)

Open female:
1.Stephanie Hopkins (AUS)
2.Ashleigh Feltham (AUS)
3.Esther Packard Hil (AUS)

1.Mike Garben (AUS)
2.Kip Newing (AUS)
3.Peter O’Halloran (AUS)

Junior male:
1.Sam Hargreaves (AUS)
2.Adam Robens (AUS)
3.Jeremy Davidson (AUS)

Junior female:
1.Stephanie Hopkins (AUS)
2.Esther Packard Hill (AUS)
3.Lauren Dobson (AUS)

Youth A male:
1.Matt Storer (AUS)
2.Conrad Murray (NZ)
3.Peter Crane (AUS)

Youth A female:
1.Ashleigh Feltham (AUS)
2.Charlotte Petersen (AUS)
3.Phoebe Ann Blyth (AUS)

Youth B male:
1.Ataif Khan-Edmunson (NZ)
2.Francis Main (NZ)
3.Geoff Reid (NZ)

Youth B female:
1.Georgia Orme (NZ)
2.Rebecca Klefisch (AUS)
3.Claire Gibson (NZ)

Youth C male:
1.Edo Paijmans

Youth C female:
1.Emma Horan (AUS)
2.Sarah Davis (NZ)
3.Danielle Keating (AUS)

Youth D male:
1.Josh Evans (NZ)
2.Nathaniel Forrester-Brown (NZ)
3.Adam Steens (NZ)

Youth D female:
1.Zebedee Job-Bliss (AUS)
2.Madeline Marmion (AUS)
3.Mia Pinchin (AUS)

For further press information, please contact:
Celia Williams – the eveNZ consultancy
E: T: 03 443 2700

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