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3000 People at the 4th Festiglace The North Face du Québec


by Unknown

March 02, 2001

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The 4th edition of Festiglace The North face du Québec attracted more than 3000 people on the magnificent site of the Jacques-Cartier River at Pont-Rouge last weekend. Ice climbers, outdoor enthusiasts or curious people, everyone whether alone or with their families, participated to the largest rendezvous of it’s type in the world. Courses, climbing trials and equipment rentals, everything was available to help discover this passionate sport.

The Festiglace is a worldwide climbing meeting and a unique opportunity to meet the elites of this sport. It is also a time to discover the vertical world of ice (which is going up to 30 meters along the borders of the river); something that 300 people did during the weekend. Most of the activities and the access to the site of the Festiglace are free of charge.

On the competitive side, it was this year’s most complete group of top athletes on the circuit. Twenty male competitors and eight female competitors from France, Italy, the United States, Canada as well as other parts of the world confronted each other in routes introduced by Jean-Philippe Villemaire, the competition director. On the men’s side, even though none completed the final run, Rich Marshall from Canada won, followed by World Cup leader Stéphane Husson from France and the Italian, Massimo Farina.

A few French climbers had technical difficulties. Two among them including Daniel Dulac, ranked in second place in the World Cup, broke their ice axes in the crux of the route. Dulac tried his luck again after the competition. This time around he lost the crampons of his left foot, which did not stop him from making it to the top, under warm applaud from the spectators.

The women were as spectacular. The Canadian Abby Watkins completed the climb even though she dropped one of her axe and still manage to beat the others at the clock. Liv Sanvoz, from France and the Hungarian Ildi Kiss completed the podium.

The organization would like to thank the climbers, participants and sponsors who made this edition of the Festiglace a success beyond compare. See you next year!



Hommes / Mens                                       Femmes / Womens


1.      Rich Marshall (CAN)                         1. Abby Watkins (CAN)

2.      Stéphane Husson (FRA)                       2. Liv Sanvoz (FRA)

3.      Massimo Farina (ITA)                        3. Ildi Kiss (HUN)

4.      Vince Anderson (USA)                        4. Kirsten Buchman (GER)

5.      Sam Beaugey (FRA)                           5. Marie-Êve Côté (CAN)

6.      Ben Firth (CAN)                             6. Caroline Ware (FRA)

7.      Yann Bonneville (FRA)                       7. Isabelle Carrier (FRA)

8.      Daniel Dulac (FRA)                          8. Sue Nott (USA)

9.      Tony Lamiche (FRA)

10.  Raphaël Slawinski (CAN)

11.  Aljaz Anderle (SLO)

12.  Jérôme Blanc-Gras (FRA)

13.  Bubu Bole (ITA)

14.  Erwan Le Lann (FRA)

15.  Guy Lacelle (CAN)

16.  Yannick Girard (CAN)

17.  Manu Ibarra (FRA)

18.  Guillaume Avrisani (FRA)

19.  Mark Synnott (USA)

20.  Jean-François Dion (CAN)

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