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NMA Increases Trekking Peak Fees


by Unknown

February 28, 2001

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The Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) has changed the fees for the trekking peaks. The new rates for all 18 trekking peaks (including those previously classified as Group "A" and "B" based on altitude) are based on the number of team members:

$350 for up to 4 members

$350 plus $40 per climber (over 4) for 5-8 members

$510 for teams with 9-12 members, plus $25 per person (over 8 people)

The new rates have been in effect since January 2001. The association has said that the increase in the royalty fees will help support the International Mountaineering Museum in Pokhara, th e Kakani Mountaineering Memorial Garden in Kakani, and mountaineering training, rescue, and preservation.

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