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World Premiere of New Film "Splitter"


by Jonathan Copp

April 17, 2004

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What: An Alpine Rockumentary
Where: Boulder Theater, Boulder, Colorado
When: One night only - April 29

Take a ride into the steepest and most remote mountain ranges on the planet to scale uncharted walls, spires and peaks. This film, shot over the course of three years, brings to life the fabled mountains that we, as climbers, spend our lives trying to grasp. Climb to the summits of Shipton Spire, the Lotus Flower Tower, Cerro Poincenot and other soaring massifs with a crew of climbers who thrive on the idea that less (gear and equipment) is more. Sometimes, the crux is just getting to the base of the route.

Featuring Ascents In and Journeys Through:

  • Cirque of the Unclimbables in British Columbia
  • Trango Towers in Pakistan
  • Patagonian Spires in Argentina


  • Mike Pennings
  • Josh Warton
  • Timmy O'neill
  • Brooke Andrews
  • Dylan Taylor
  • Jonny Copp
A Russ Holcomb/Jonathan Copp Film

Get Tickets Today

Get down after the film with the electro-funk acid jazz band Lava.
Tickets on sale now. $12 in advance, $15 day of show.
Get your tickets today by calling the Boulder Theater at 303-786-7030 or their website at

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