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Cave Rock Closing For Good


by Editor

July 17, 2003

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As reported in the Reno Gazette Journal, "Rock climbers will be banned from Cave Rock, a volcanic rock formation on the shores of Lake Tahoe that the Washoe Tribe worships as a holy site and climbers from around the world relish as a one-of-a-kind climbing destination.

The announcement Thursday by the U.S. Forest Service lauded by tribal members and attacked by climbers ends more than six years of debate concerning management of the landmark formation.

The decision does not prohibit other public activities, including hiking and picnicking, at Cave Rock."

Read the rest of the story on the Reno Gazette Journal's website.

Editor's note: The Forest Service Record of Decision (ROD) is available online here and the end of the document includes information on the implementation plan for this decision as well as information on appealing the decision.

Unless an administrative stay based on appeals occurs, implementation of the climbing ban will take effect no earlier than 2 September 2003, after the current 45-day period for appeals is completed.

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