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Mount Rose Natural Area Boulders In Danger of Development


by Editor

December 16, 2002

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The Mount Rose Natural Area, 418 feet above sea level, is a truly unique undisturbed parcel of natural area found in Mercer County, N.J. Open space such as that found on the Princeton Ridge is used for hiking, walking, mountain biking, bird-watching, bouldering and notably to step away from the maelstrom around us and for quite contemplation. Over 30 different breeding speices of birds and endangered plant and wildlife species are found on the Ridge, proper.

Mt. Rose Natural Area, 300 hectares, is listed in the 1991 Governors Council on New Jersey Outdoors’ as a section of natural lands that provides “environmental and scenic preservation, open space and historic preservation and passive recreation provision".

Three large basalt boulder fields allow over 112 separate boulder problems. Bouldering is a type of rock-climbing that occurs on boulders often no more then 20 feet off the ground where one uses psychological abilities and techniques to climb. Bouldering has occurred on site since the early 1950’s.

NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT: The Princeton Ridge Boulders and the bouldering that occurs on them may be lost forever. To have the area protected from being rezoned to high-density housing and allow the permanent protection of the boulder fields affix your signature and forward e-mails to and for presentation to Mr. Adam Zelner in the New Jersey State Office of Smart Growth and Mr. Edward Fox at the State of New Jersey Planning Commission.

Their emails: and

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