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It's Not Winter Yet in Yosemite


by Hans Florine

November 25, 2002

Camp4 - Climbing News Archive

Nick Fowler and Ammon McNeeley ran up the Zodiac in 5 hours and 57 minutes! On November 19th! They started at 4pm in the afternoon!

Then the next day about 4 pm Nick had the crazy idea he'd solo Zodiac AND Tangerine Trip, SO HE DID! Kinda, - In his own words……

"…. at 4:08pm I was off climbing most of the route",(Zodiac)," ropeless and toped out 11:18 hrs later at 3:28am ran down and got to the base of TT at 6:11am left shortly after and found my self taking a huge whip on pitch 4 dangling from the middle of the roof on the blank slab tried to penji back to the belay to grab my jumars but couldn't 45minutes later I found my self at the roof again having had to prusik up with slings SCARY!! got to the belay and decided to bail mentally and physically spent.i wouldn't make the linkup anyways I told my self. having to clean the pitch was horrible (I basically led that thing 3 times) needless to say I'm happy about the zodiac."

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