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Enchanted Tower, Datil, New Mexico


by Editor

October 31, 2002

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The road that accesses the Enchanted Tower crosses private land through the Cleaveland Ranch. The landowners have installed a locked gate on this road and are denying access to hunters due to problems in the past. Currently, they are allowing climbers access and have provided the combination for the gate to NM CRAG, the local climber's organization. The ranchers recently complained that people are still driving too fast on the road and arriving late at night. Excessive speeds on the dirt road lead to washboarding and increased maintenance costs for the ranch. Further, headlights late at night disturb the ranchers, and there is a possibility climbers might be locked out unless they abide by the rules below. Please do share this information with fellow climbers.

  • Access to the Enchanted Tower from the east is generously provided by the Cleaveland Ranch and can be revoked at any time.
  • The landowners have requested that visitors refrain from driving past the ranch after dark.
  • If you arrive after dark, please camp at Datil Well Campground approximately 2 miles east on Hwy 60 and drive into the canyon the following morning.
  • Drive slowly 15 mph max through the ranch.
  • For additional information on access to this area, contact Bryan Pletta, 505-341-2016,

News courtesy of the Access Fund.

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