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PCA to Hold Bouldering Event at Telluride 360


by Editor

July 01, 2002

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Take everything you know about rock climbing, strip it down to the shortest, toughest moves with no ropes and you have bouldering. And the Professional Climbing Association’s Bouldering competition promises to be a major crowd pleaser at the Telluride 360° Adventure Festival Presented by Subaru.

Surrounded by mountains towering above 13,000 feet in elevation, Telluride is familiar to climbing enthusiasts. Indeed where else can one be surrounded by incredible beauty, have a great cup of coffee and send a fabulous climb all before breakfast? The PCA will add one more attraction to the list: A three-day, all out, pro-climbing competition right in the middle of the Telluride 360° Festival.

“The world’s best climbers are going to be at this event”, said Scott “Jiggz” Mechler, President of the PCA. “Are you kidding? These athletes are chomping at the bit to perform for the crowd.”

Mechler began his career as a climbing competitor and route setter. Some of the names scheduled to be at Telluride include Chris Sharma, world-renowned free climber, and Tori Allen, climbing phenomenon and many time competition champion. Also due to attend is last year’s local boy champion, John Stack, of Loveland, Colo.

Top rock climbers are considered to be some of the best and strongest athletes in the world. Pro climbers have often bested pro jocks from mainstream sports in assorted multi-sport contests. These climbers will compete over three days, with pre-qualifiers held on Thursday for those wishing to take on the best PCA climbers. Friday is the qualifier rounds with Saturday set for the finals.

Each round sees the climbing wall re-arranged, with the degree of difficulty increasing as the contestants advance.

“We’ll be dealing with the world’s best,” said Mechler, who also designs many of the PCA courses. “We can ask them to push the physical body beyond what the average person thinks is possible.”

The PCA, which propelled climbing to a professional level last year with the launching of its Qualifying season, is seeking crowd friendly venues to showcase this emerging extreme sport. “We want to bring this sport, in this format, to the public. We know they’ll love it. For us it’s just a monumental achievement to be involved with a World Cup mountain bike race,” said Mechler, noting PCA events have stolen the thunder from many other sporting events.

“These climbers are off-the-charts in terms of speed and strength. What will really blow the crowd away is watching what these athletes are actually climbing on. The structure of the wall, the difficulty of the hand holds, and the moves they’ll be required to do on them is unreal”, asserts Mechler, “ I guarantee a spectacular event”.

Sunday is the day for beginners and novices to take a shot on the climbing wall. And the PCA and its stars will be there to help climbers of all level improve their skill.

The Telluride 360° Adventure Festival Presented by Subaru will be held July 11-14. For more information visit

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