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Bridalveil Falls Again Off-limits


by Unknown

December 31, 2001

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Bridalveil Falls in Telluride Colorado is once again off-limits. For a long time, the fall was entirely off-limits to climbers. In 1997, Bridelveil reopened when property owners Idarado Mining Company granted a year-to-year public recreational access easement to the Town of Telluride. But in a letter sent last week to Access Fund regional coordinator and local attorney Steve Johnson, Idarado announced their decision not to renew the easement. The President of Idarado wrote: "As a necessary result of the rejection of the annexation proposal for Idarado’s property by the voters of the Town of Telluride, Idarado is in the process of reviewing all of the various land uses previously permitted by Idarado on its property. Since the Easement no longer appears to be compatible with Idarado’s development plans for its property, Idarado will not be renewing the Easement for the coming year." Johnson will be contacting Idarado to explore all options to restore access to Bridalveil.

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