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Tommy Caldwell Looses Finger


by Unknown

December 31, 2001

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At his home in Estes Park, Colorado on November 29, Tommy Caldwell cut off his left index finger just above the middle knuckle. He was reported to be using a table saw in a home improvement project. Rock and Ice Magazine says, "Beth Rodden was at home with Caldwell and helped find and ice the severed tip before getting him to the hospital. Caldwell’s finger has since been reattached with pins, and he is making good progress. He is expected to return home from the hospital on December 7."

However, in the following week, Tommy made the decision to stop treatments to reattach his finger. The doctors said it would be a long process and he would never be able to use it in climbing. Caldwell and all those around him, believe it was the right move to make.

We have a feeling that this will not stop him. I would bet that we will soon hear from him again after some recovery time. Tommy, the Camp4 staff wishes you a speedy recovery.

News courtesy of Rock and Ice.

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