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Alpinist Magazine Wins The Maggie Award

Alpinist Magazine announced today that it won the Maggie Award for Best Overall Design/Consumer Category from the Western Publication Association (WPA) for Alpinist’s Autumn issue (Issue 8). Alpinist received the award, which acknowledges design excellence, at the Fifty-Fourth Annual Maggie Awards, held in Los Angeles, CA, on April 22. Alpinist competed with nearly 1,700 entries from magazines published or distributed west of the Mississippi River for the award. The 2005 award marks the second Maggie Alpinist has won in two years.

“Winning for Best Overall Design underscores our commitment to a clean, simple style, one that respects the connection between the reader and the contributor,” said Marc Ewing, Alpinist’s co-founder and publisher. “To win such accolades in the consumer category rather than in a sports category is the icing on the cake.”

Alpinist received its first Maggie Award, for the Best Quarterly/Consumer Division, in April 2004 for its Winter 2003, 2004 issue (Issue 5). Other accolades soon followed. In December 2004 Reinhold Messner called Alpinist “the best climbing magazine in the world today.” The March 2005 issue of Outside Magazine featured Alpinist in a seven-page article called “The Purists.” Also in March, Alpinist received Print Magazine’s 2004 Regional Design Award for the cover of Alpinist 6. “It’s nice to be receiving so much attention after less than three years of publication,” Marc Ewing said.

Christian Beckwith, co-founder, with Ewing, and editor-in-chief of the magazine, seconded Ewing’s sentiments. “Every member of our team shares in this award,” he said.

Alpinist Magazine is an archival-quality quarterly publication that celebrates world adventure climbing and the climbing lifestyle. The magazine’s reputation has grown quickly among readers for its stunning design and the quality of its stories and images.

More information about Alpinist Magazine may be found on the Alpinist website:



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