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The Trad Guide to Joshua TreeThe Trad Guide to Joshua Tree

Book Review Charlie and Diane Winger have definitely done something different with this guidebook to Joshua Tree. While many guidebooks choose to use lengthy descriptions to describe climbs and locations, Charlie and Diane show you that a single picture can be ‘worth a thousand words.’ Let’s see … Sixty climbs + 100 color pictures + 192 pages of detailed descriptions = thorough coverage Read More »

NOLS Winter CampingNOLS Winter Camping

Book Review Each year, NOLS instructors take students on winter excursions to places like Teton Valley, Patagonia, the Himalayan Mountains, and other remote locations teaching them the finer points of surviving in extreme environments. Buck Tilton and John Gookin have taken the time to write a book based on NOLS curriculum so that everyone can learn useful things like Read More »

2004 Accidents in North American Mountaineering2004 Accidents in North American Mountaineering

Book ReviewClimbing accidents - and dramatic rescues on high mountain peaks - generate headlines. What causes these accidents? Are they occurring more frequently? The answers are found in Accidents in North American Mountaineering. For more than fifty years, this report, published annually by the joint safety committees of the American Alpine Club and the Alpine Club of Canada, has served as an invaluable resource for climbers. Read More »

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Cold Cold World in ColoradoSuzanne Stroh
Stately Pleasure Domerobert walton
Tangerine Trip Sans PortaledgeChris W
Denali East Face - The Stupid WayBrian Block
Tenaya MoonlightRobert Walton
So You're Into PainCharlotte Johnson
FameAmine Ben Aniba
Loving It To Death: Traffic Jams on El CapitanSkip Knowles
Mtngeo's Wild RideGeorge Gipson
One More Time - Oz Climbing DispatchesJosh Janes

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El Capitain, El Capitain, Yosemite Valley, California, Photo by Sean Hudson, Posted by sean

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“Nothing easier. One step beyond the pole, you see, and the north wind becomes a south one.”

— Robert Peary (1856-1920), explaining how he knew he had reached the North Pole.

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